What a busy summer it’s been – Beaufort SC Photographer

It’s been a pretty incredible summer and I’ve been so busy I just now realized it’s been over a month since I updated the blog! I also wanted to take the opportunity to thank all my wonderful clients for stepping in front of the camera for me. It’s always a joy to meet new families every year and see those returning to the area. And we couldn’t ask for a more beautiful or diverse area to be photographing then in the Lowcountry of Beaufort and it’s surrounding Islands.

It sure seems quiet…but it’s not – Beaufort, SC Photographer

It seems like activity on my FB page always takes a massive dive in summer. Thats because it’s the most busy time of the year! Even though there doesn’t seem like there is allot going on there really is. And I thought I’d share a few favs from recent sessions 🙂

Love shooting for the families I’ve known over the years and meeting new ones. This is the most wonderful time of the year!

Gabbie & Brandon – Beaufort, SC Wedding Photography

What a fantastic day for a wedding on the rooftop! It is always a treat to work with our local Military families. Both Bride and Groom are Marines and I was delighted to photograph their special day. Neither one of them could stop smiling. Congratulations to this beautiful and happy couple!

If you’re lucky enough to have a rainy wedding day – Beaufort, SC Wedding Photographer

Yes, I said it! Every photographer knows our greatest friend and greatest enemy is light. We spend so much time learning about light, finding light, trying to control it and bend it to our will. In very rare and lucky moments we have magical light delivered to our uh…eyetips? That is not a thing but you get where I’m going. This couples wedding day just happened to be one of those rare and special occasions in many respects.

The day got started off with beautiful white puffy clouds, but HOT. As everyone was seated you could hear thunder rumbling and dark clouds began to roll over us. The second, and I do mean the second they finished their vows and walked away giant raindrops began to fall. It POURED and we had to play with the schedule, dry pants with blow dryers, pass around a few towels but in the end….all worth it.

You can’t fake this sort of beauty or these precious memories.

Corey and Casey’s wedding was certainly an inspirational day.  They are the first bride and groom to give me a gift on their wedding day and a hand written note. The consideration and thought put forth for their guests and making every moment memorable was certainly felt.

Thank you to Beaufort Inn for a beautiful evening in a beautiful setting!

And I had the pleasure of working with the absolute BEST videographer ever, Cody Jordan http://www.codyjordan.com all the way from Nashville, TN

P.S. If you click on the photos, then click on the photo once it appears they get bigger! At least I think thats how this blog works. Still figuring it out.

New blog!

Why a new blog?
Well, here’s the story. My website was hacked a few times and google flagged and shut it down. It didn’t happen once but three times. So, last fall I switched to a more secure format and had to forgo the blog portion of the website.
But since FB does a pretty rough job of sharing recent sessions, sneak peeks and fun photos I decided to start a new one 🙂

To kick it off I’m sharing a few images from a recent session with one of my favorite ladies and her adorable little ones. I so appreciate clients that want to be creative and incorporate whats in the environment when shooting. We decided against shooting outdoors since we didn’t want to melt the babies. With a cute bench, a daybed and some beautiful window light I couldn’t of asked for better!

The beagles were way to cute not to involve in a few photos <3