What to expect

I thought pretty long and hard before writing this. Taking into consideration the demand on photographers and client expectations. I want my clients coming into a session with me knowing exactly what they are in for and are sure I’m the right fit for their needs…..so here goes.

Why don’t you have a studio? The simple answer is, I don’t want one. The long version is as follows. A studio is stifling to me, it’s bland, predictable and uninspiring TO ME….some people excel in this environment and I admire their work. Thats not to say I can’t appreciate the convenience of a backdrop and beautiful light streaming through a big bay window or my favorite, garage door light! And on rainy, buggy or swelteringly hot days some times I’d kill for a studio. But in the long run I am a person who lives and breaths the outdoors and I do best in my natural habitat.

Then how do you shoot newborns and small kids? I have a portable set up and minimal props I bring to my clients in the comfort of their own home. We often end up using parts of the home as well and getting great “lifestyle” or “photojournalistic” photos. I encourage clients to incorporate personal items to individualize the session or if you have a theme in mind let me know how I can help.

What your style? Two words, light and color. Every time I step outside it’s a challenge to find the right light and when editing that helps produce bright colors and crisp images.

What should I wear? I like to leave this one in my clients hands since we all have different taste. But if I have to choose use color, avoid busy patterns, don’t match, be YOURSELF 🙂 Need more help? I’m just a click or call away!

I have little kids, what if they don’t sit still? Good, I have no intention of sitting still either! I like putting kids into situations and then getting their attention…or some times not. It takes an instant to nab a picture and kids are the best most honest subjects. Variety is the spice of life! Just remember I’m a Mom too, I know the independent 2’s, the grouchy 3 glares, the unstoppable 4’s and the photo loving 5’s. Bring a favorite toy, snacks and some water and you will have a happy little camper.

What happens after the session? You actually see me for the shortest part of the session. While sessions vary from 30minutes to 2  hours. Additional hours are spent with each session in the transfer, editing and back up of those images. I find editing in order of shoot to be the fairest method and I shoot anywhere from 3-10 or more sessions a week. 30-45 minute sessions are available about 5-10 days from session date, 60 minute-2 hour sessions 10-14 days. Galleries link/password is delivered via email and you order from the attached shopping cart.