Golden glow of Autumn – Beaufort SC Family Photographer

I absolutely love when fall arrives and brings on this beautiful change of season! Firstly I hate summer here, it’s way to hot and buggy for my taste and I am a huge fan of skinny jeans and tall boots. So, when I spot the little tones of red and brown on the trees I get very excited! The weather may be cooling down but the colors really warm everything up and light has a beautiful quality in the fall it doesn’t at any other time of year.

Though I’ve shot many sessions at Old Sheldon Church I haven’t ever once used the grove of trees in the parking area. I’ve seen the light there and wanted to many times but this is the very first time I was able to and man do I LOOOVE IT! Thank you so much to the A family for letting me play in this pretty location and for being such good sports as we trekked around the church ruins. The golden glow of autumn was out in full force for their family session.

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