Beaufort, SC Event Photography – Baby Shower

I’m not blessed with the gift of gab or the ability to relate to people easily. But through my work I have a reason to speak and opportunity to get to know people I normally wouldn’t. Some are instant friends. I was asked to photograph this beautiful ladies homecoming a couple years back and we managed to keep in touch (thank you Facebook). I recently was able to be there at her baby shower to capture some incredibly fun images. Her friends showed such care in their attention to detail and preparation in celebrating this little girls life. Cannot wait for the opportunity to see her reunited with her Marine again!Sanchez Shower-5web Sanchez Shower-9web Sanchez Shower-19web Sanchez Shower-30web Sanchez Shower-34web Sanchez Shower-48web Sanchez Shower-119web Sanchez Shower-125web Sanchez Shower-129web Sanchez Shower-133web Sanchez Shower-145web Sanchez Shower-184web

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